Email Show effort to give Trump campaign wikileaks all Documents

Candidates Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump, Jr. and other people of Trump Business Enterprise received an e-mail in September 2016, in which the decryption key was supplied and the internet site was bogged down with the discontinued WikiLeaks documents, Step along with the email given to investigators.

Email Show effort to give Trump campaign wikileaks all Documents

September 4 E-mail was sent through the last phase of the 2016 presidential race - the same day Trump Junior tweeted the first WikiLeaks and Clinton.

"Wikicax: Hillary Clinton sent a stack of marked classified stars"

Found Democratic National Committee hacked e-mail after publishing a month since WikiLeaks began to leak the content of Clinton's e-mail marketing, hacked President John Pedsta's campaign. 
WikiLeaks arrived in less than three weeks before sending a message to Trump Jr. And started a company with instant messaging on Twitter.
Email Show effort to give Trump campaign wikileaks all Documents

Trump Jr. Guided explorers did not have access to the September email.
Congressional investigators are trying to find out if the person sending in September not to reveal further efforts from Vikiilks to terminate his son and other Trump marketing campaign trump or not. 

Email showed that the Trump campaign was passed the need to enter information from former Foreign Minister Colin Powell State, who went to hack e-mail 10 days later through a Russian group public front.
Email that has used some of the resources described for CNN assistance from lawyer Trump Jr. came from a man who had been indexed as your name "Mike Erickson". The Trump, Trump Jr., Trump is targeted at non-state support and other Jr., and the Trump agency provided turned to Congress as a part of files using.

Congresses are uncertain who the sender is and the inability to make CNN contact with the person has been changed. It is no longer clear whether e-mail is a legitimate attempt to present the hacked documents in the Trump marketing campaign.

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